5 pairs of Shoes Every Man Should Own


With the wide variety of shoes available for men, deciding on what to wear for a particular occasion can be quite challenging for most men. Matching your pair of sneakers or men’s dress shoes with your attire is something that needs a little background information on the kind of shoes that are in trend and what is most likely to suit you. The best shoes for men are ones that high on comfort and yet sufficiently stylish.

It is ideal to have some basics in place when required so you don’t have to spend hours wondering what to wear. These are shoes that cover most occasions and if you ensure your wardrobe is stocked with these 5 pairs, you will have shoes for every outfit, at all times.


The black oxfords are shoes that you need every once in a while when attending a high profile event, a black tie, a super important meeting or just a wedding where you are wearing a suit. From a three-piece suit to a classic tuxedo, the oxfords are irreplaceable! The dark oxblood colour with a closed lacing system and a cap toe is the epitome of elegance in a pair of shoes!


These are shoes that contain no straps and traditionally come with a single or a double strap. The classic brown or black are the best colours to own for their classic look and ability to be worn over most outfits, but the newer and more contemporary colours such as blue, green or even red are making the rounds this year! With no strings attached, you can have all the fun you want with this pair!


The brogues are probably the one pair that are easily used on every outfit on any occasion and it can never look wrong! From a wedding to trekking in the mountains, brogues are versatile and go well with chinos, trousers, jeans, shorts. The brown colour is the go-to for a classic pair! Carry a pair of brogues with you as you travel and explore newer places, high on comfort and style at the same time!



The suede moccasins are luxurious and the material offers a comfortable fit. These are shoes that tend to be more casual and can be worn on denims or a pair of shorts. They are great for a fun day in the outdoors. Experimenting with these can add some variety to your look.


Light and high on comfort, the espadrilles are essentially shoes fit for the summer. These are extremely casual and a great alternative to a pair of slippers or flip flops. You can wear espadrilles to the beach and pair it with shorts and a T-shirt. Their closed fit ensures that you can take long walks on the beach or wander around streets in Europe when you go exploring destinations. A great pair of espadrilles in your travel kit means you don’t need to carry options in footwear when you take up adventure travel.


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