5 New Year Grooming Resolutions All Men Need To Make


The New Year is all about new beginnings and positive changes. While making realistic resolutions, we have all gone through over ambitious resolutions that make us guilt ridden, once they are not achieved.

However, we have a few resolutions that will help you improve your grooming style and are easy to see through so you won’t be abandoning them midway.

Grooming yourself well is crucial, especially in today’s times and it helps you stay presentable and poised. A basic routine will up your grooming quotient and your appearance, moreover it is not at all complicated.

Moisturize daily

Moisturizing your face is as essential as washing it and it helps to keep the skin supple and strong. Using a moisturizer before you step outdoors can ensure that you are well-equipped for a day at the beach or a nature trail. 
Take a finger sized dollop of the moisturizer best suited for your skin type and apply it gently across the face. Depending on your skin type, your moisturizer will vary.

Get your own grooming kit

Most men will either use products from their friend’s grooming kit or sometimes simply use what your girlfriend or spouse is using! And though that works with some products, having your own customized grooming kit can be a huge help.

For example if you are growing a beard requires a shaving kit with grooming clippers and the works. A well assembled grooming kit thus comes in handy at the time of travel and gives you a better understanding of products that are a priority to you.

Floss regularly

A very important grooming resolution would be to take up flossing at least once or twice a day! Brushing your teeth is great but flossing really takes care of the cracks and crevices that a tooth brush cannot reach.


Exfoliation should be your primary concern in order to keep your skin healthy. Masks will keep you hydrated and get rid of all the toxins. Using face scrubs is a good way to tone your skin and help it breathe easily. Incorporate a face wash in your daily skin care routine. Carrying a facewash around in your travel kit is essential to exfoliate when you are out exploring or on a work trip.

Stop wearing wrinkled clothes

Start this New Year with a resolution to keep all your clothes ironed and wrinkle free. All it takes is time management and a little bit of effort. Get yourself an ironing board, a good quality iron and you can do the job yourself! Wrinkled clothes are a sign of shabbiness and that is one thing we can do away with!


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