5 Best Skin Care Products for Men With Beards


There are a wide array of products and skin care products or regimes out there that can become complicated and tedious to follow. For someone who is a beginner or does not have much time on hand, a few essentials can do the trick.

We took stock of all the skin care products for men that a quintessential man with a beard needs and came up with a short list that will happily suffice; keeping your look groomed and your beard tamed.

  • Beard oil

Beard oil - Skin Care Products for Men

If you desire to grow a beard that is well-maintained and groomed, the beard oil is a must-have in your bathroom cabinet. The skin beneath your beard can easily become dry and just like the scalp, producing what is called, the ‘beardruff’ which can lead to severe itching. To protect your beard from these hassles, applying beard oil regularly or incorporating it in your night routine is a good option.

  • Beard balm

Beard balm - Skin Care Products for Men

Now most men get confused with the use of a beard oil and that of the beard balm. The beard oil is what gives your beard the essential hydration but the beeswax that is inherently present in the beard balm will give your beard a slight hold and a more refined look. The best time to apply a balm is after a shower or anytime when your facial hair is damp.

  • Beard and mustache wax

While your beard can be growing at a fast pace, it can be quite disheartening to see that some areas grow faster than the rest. The beard and mustache wax are more like conditioners that tame the wild growth and curls. Using these products efficiently will ensure that even the unruliest beard is taken care of, giving your face a shine and glow.

  • Beard comb

The important thing to realise when picking out a beard comb is the type of facial hair you have and the perfect comb that would be needed to comb that beard. Next would be to take into account the material of the comb and also if it has wide or fine teeth. While smaller plastic combs work well on short beards, metal, plastic, wood or even bone are manufactured for longer beards that need extensive grooming. Make sure you pick out the right comb as the wrong one can pull at the roots and cause tremendous discomfort.

  • Beard soap

Beard soap - Skin Care Products

A grooming essentialthat gets marginally ignored and is of immense importance while growing or maintaining a beard, is the beard soap. If you are a man with a good amount of facial hair and if your beard grows fast and thick, then using a beard shampoo every time you shower might not be the best option. A beard shampoo strips away the natural oils in the hair if used frequently and an organic beard soap is what really comes in handy. The beard soap will lather up well and reach the delicate skin beneath to clean out everything that gets stuck in the beard.


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