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With great care, extreme hard work and a lot of dedication, you have worked to grow that beard, just to turn your tiny sapling into a fierce forest. And now that you finally have the beard-style of your dream, you strive to protect it with your life. And why not? A beard is your pride and even the smallest mistake regarding it will be considered a sin.

So in the spirit of no-shave November, we are listing down five beardly sins that you must absolutely avoid, if you love your mane.

Using regular products for beard care

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Your beard is magnificent, so you obviously can’t expect a regular product to care for it right? Using your regular shampoo, conditioner or moisturizing cream is an absolute no. Your facial hair has different needs and hence using products that are specifically formulated to take care of your beard is the best option. Invest in beard shampoos, beard conditioners and beard creams that target your facial hair and are apt for your face.

Not moisturizing it properly

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A grave sin repeated by almost everyone, not moisturizing your full-grown beard often leads to dryness that in turn causes hair fall. Now, you can’t waste your effort of growing a beard with so much dedication right? Opt for a beard oil that specifically works in moisturizing your mane. Using an essential oil will also work in this case.

Not using a face wash

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Using a regular soap on your face for cleaning your beard hair is a sin. A soap decreases the regular pH level of your skin, thus causing dryness. Instead, opt for a face wash that will deal with all the dirt and pollution, while balancing your skin’s pH level too.

Picking at it too often

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Stroking or picking at your beard, without washing your hands, leads to the stimulation of glands that produce sebum. This excess sebum, in turn, weakens your hair follicles and cause hair fall. A great way to deal with this sin? Keep your hands away! 

Not trimming regularly

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Growing a beard is half the battle won. But you can only win the other half by constantly taking care of your bread. Trimming your mane at regular intervals is advisable if you want to keep split ends at bay. Also, choose a beard stylist for regular beard grooming sessions. Most people visit a hair stylist for their beard needs. But right man doing the right job is what perfection is all about!

Be sure to avoid these beardly sins to enjoy a Mantastic Movember!


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