4 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Get a Bad Haircut – Awesome Men


The biggest problem men face when we decide to experiment and try out new styles or get a different haircut than the one we have been used to, is the bad luck of ending up with a disastrous haircut. The type of haircut that cannot be saved and is beyond repair.

Although this doesn’t happen with most professional salons, there are still those rare times when the stylist completely miscalculates what is required and tries to be bolder and hands-on. There are a few classic men’s haircuts which will never go wrong, but if you are someone who likes to change things, experimentation is key. At such times, there are a few things that need to be ensured are in place and taken care of so that you don’t end up with a haircut that is dramatically different from the one you signed up for. Here are a few things to look at before you make your next appointment.


Doing extensive research before you reach your hair cut appointment at the salon is essential to get the perfect hair cut for your face shape and personality. Being aware of your profile, the texture of your hair and what works for you will go a long way in determining which hair cut will work and which one will not work.


Communicating with your stylist is the first thing to engage in when you head to a salon for a cut. After doing the required research, providing the barber specific instructions as to what you are looking for, will not be difficult. Take advice regarding the kind of hairstyles that look good for your personality and allow the stylist to offer their suggestions. Don’t get swayed into attempting drastic hairstyles like graduations, extensions, etc. without considering how it would look.


Being open to experimentation is a rule of the thumb when you try out a new hairstyle but a very important part of this rule is to safe guard yourself from eccentric new trends that you are unsure of, hair styles that look good on models or actors but can be difficult for anyone else to pull off, or bold modern haircuts that have created a buzz but are supremely wacky and out of the ordinary.


Keeping a good number of references handy when you hit the salon for your hair cut works well in providing the stylist with an image or general guidance about what you’re looking for. Conveying correctly to the barber will solve half of your problems and showing him a picture or two will clear out any doubts he may have regarding what you might verbally fail to explain.


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