4 Tips on How to Grow a Thicker Beard Within Months – Awesome Men


Whether you are a seasoned veteran or someone who is just coming to terms with his facial hair, the first month of growing a beard can be a tiring experience. The growth of your beard is linked to a variety of things like your genes, health and testosterone levels.
How to grow a thicker beard is a question that most men tend to face at some point in their life and is something that requires careful attention to your diet, health and nutrition. For maximum growth you need to practice beard care and eating right or exercising are a few ways to ensure the same. Here are a few essential beard growth tips that can help you grow a beard faster.


There is nothing worse than constantly picking at your beard and fiddling with it frequently will only lead to unhealthy facial skin and patchiness. Keep your hands away from your beard at all cost and you will see improvement in growth and texture.


The benefits of having a well-balanced diet and eating healthy foods is not adequately stressed upon when it comes to the quality of your beard. Consuming more protein will help your beard grow faster and thicker. Eggs, spinach, oysters are a few food items that you should incorporate in your daily diet. Apart from supplements to improve the growth of your beard, healthy vitamins like biotin and fish oil are essential for beard care.


This is the most effective way to let your beard grow out naturally. Over a period of time, problems like patchiness and thinning will wear off. Be patient when growing your beard as it can take time and effort. Maintaining a beard is also a habit that you need to get used to when aiming to grow a healthy beard.


Opting for a good quality beard comb and a brush will considerably help in your attempt to grow a thicker and fuller mane. Beards usually grow in whichever direction they see fit as natural and in order to make it look fuller and inherently. Growing a beard requires responsibility and instilling discipline. From taking out time to groom yourself regularly to practicing patience at the time when your beard grows, growing a long thick mane is not as easy it seems. But with proper beard care and a few tips on grooming, you can achieve a thick and luscious beard within a few months.


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