4 Men’s Wardrobe Essential That Are Key in This Monsoon – Awesome Men


The monsoon season brings with it a variety of changes that we must all make, and the wardrobe takes precedence over everything else. The chilliness in the weather and the pelting rain is a combination that needs to be dealt with a different set of clothes, ones that are water proof, resilient and yet keep you from feeling cold.

Excessive layering can also be an issue and will get you all hot and bothered. Just the right amount of layering, the correct material and choice of outfit will let you enjoy the weather without drenching you. Here are a few men’s wardrobe essentials that are a perfect fit for the weather!


The cardigan is a classic layering piece that has over time become a unisex garment, moving away as masculine sweater option. It can be worn open front down like a jacket or closed, depending on what you wear underneath. The cardigan is your ideal pick when you head out for a casual dinner or a meeting, with rain pelting outside and can be easily paired with rain boots to add extravagance to your look. Extremely functional, the cardigan is wrinkle free and can be stuffed in your tiniest backpacks without much thought!


The puffy feel that a gilet brings to your look cannot be denied but the benefits of wearing a gilet are many! If this is a piece that is being used as a top layer to protect yourself from the rain, choosing a relatively more padded one can keep you insulated and protected from the chilly weather. This is also a piece that will come in handy when you travel. Being in the snowcapped mountains and having a well fitted gilet can be soothing. This is a piece that can complement any outfit by working as a replacement for a causal blazer or a chunky overcoat.


The wordplay around this one is interesting enough to grab anyone’s attention! Opt for the classic long line shacket which is easy to wear outdoors or simply a monochrome one that goes on most outfits and is easily paired with denims or chinos.


A tracksuit top is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the monsoon, but you will be surprised at the benefits it has due to the material it is made of. Invest in one piece and you are sorted for everyday work! Pair it with a blue jeans and go for a completely relaxed, casual vibe.


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