4 Men’s Hair Styling Tips for the 2018 Monsoon – Cinthol


Hairstyles are constantly evolving with time and season however, it is easy to keep a tab on the newest hair style and get it done from your barber, but what is more important is the right styling and hair care post getting that haircut.

The rainy season lasts for 3 long months and due to a change in the weather, our hair style also sees a change. Hair becomes oily faster, there is excessive dampness that causes you to sweat and this requires a change in your hair care routine. Apart from looking into modern hairstyles for men, here are a few men’s hair styling tips that will keep your hair in check, this monsoon.


Washing your hair regularly becomes even more important during the monsoon season when your hair is constantly exposed to elements in the environment. Wash regularly with a good shampoo and conditioner. Over washing is also not recommended but washing thrice a week in the rainy season is crucial to keep your hair healthy and clean.


Picking up any cream, moisturiser, lotion or shampoo is not a good choice as this can have an impact on your hair and skin. The right kind of products also vary depending on the season. Monsoons see increase in dampness and humidity, using a shampoo or a conditioner that has excessive oil content is not a good option. Ensure that you figure out your hair type and purchase products that provide the best treatment to your hair and scalp.


Following numerous trends that crop up can be very tempting but these trends most often do not cater to every type of hair. There are various hairstyles that can be the perfect go-to for this season. The pompadour and buzz cut will keep your hair minimal and make it easier for you to wash and dry.


Just as important it is to wash your hair frequently, it is equally important to ensure that your hair remains dry during the day. Use proper styling products and ensure that the products do not contain excessive chemicals. Keep your hair short and scalp dry during the monsoon season and use a good hair dryer after shampooing your hair. Make sure you do not bring the dryer very close to your hair or the scalp as this can cause damage from the hot air that emanates through the dryer.


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