4 Hair Styling Mistakes You Should Avoid Right Now


If you are an adventurer, then risk-taking comes naturally to you. But when it comes to your grooming regime, and hair styling products, you’re not so sure about taking risks.

Yes, grooming, and especially hair styling, can get complicated, And to make hair styling a breezy process for an active-man like you, here are four mistakes you should avoid.

2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner – Not a good idea

Do not use a two-in-one product that guises as a miracle product. A shampoo works on each hair strand, opening up your hair cuticles, whereas a conditioner closes these cuticles. Hence using these separately is a better choice. Men on-the-go usually use these 2-in-1 products to save time, but these do more bad than good for your fragile hair.

Say no to too much product

Too much of anything is bad. If you are using pomades, hair waxes and hair gels in large quantities, stop. This will turn your hair greasy and oily, thus spoiling your perfect hairstyle. Instead, start with applying a little amount and use more only when needed.

Do not blow-dry hair immediately after washing

Using a hair styling appliances is bad enough for your hair’s health, but you will make the situation worse by using a blow-dryer immediately after washing your hair. When you blow-dry hair that’s completely wet, you will need to dry your hair for a long time; making your hair prone to over-heating and hair damage. Instead, towel-dry your hair and then blow-dry it.

Getting that ‘Celebrity’ hairstyle

We all love our favorite celebrity’s hairstyle and ask our hairstylist to give us the same haircut, without giving it a second thought. Keep in mind that your hair texture, hairstyle, and face cut is different from your favorite celebrity. Hence the style that looks so good on him might not suit your face. Instead, ask your hair stylist for recommendations as he is the perfect person for the job.


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