4 Grooming Tips that Every Man Needs this Monsoon


The scorching heat has bid farewell and we are now dealing with the rainy season. The monsoons can be a real challenge when it comes to commuting for work, getting some serious work done and ensuring that you do not look messy, damp or distraught in the process.

There are certain changes that men need to make to their wardrobe when it starts raining and we decided to suggest a few that could help you deal with the rainfall. Here is a quick men’s grooming guide with male grooming tips on how to best tackle the monsoon!


Rain boots are the most recommended type of footwear for the monsoons and knee high length boots in subtle colours are the best pick. You can even wear these to office and be rest assured that your office attire stays intact and the bottom half of your pants or trousers stay clean and dry. Floaters and other kinds of foot wear that most men tend to opt for in the rain can spray around the water as you walk and defeat the purpose of wearing rain friendly footwear. Go for calf or knee length rain boots in shades of black, grey, brown or maroon.


  Pair of Shorts - Grooming Tips for Men

The simplest and effortless piece of clothing for any man is a pair of shorts. This is a season that will not only allow but encourage men to wear shorts. You can buy different kinds of shorts for different occasions. While some work places may not allow shorts, you can always wear them to gym, casual dinners or even buy dressy shorts to wear when you have to head for a meeting. The most convenient piece of attire in the monsoons, shorts are also easy, comfortable and stylish.


Tropical countries face a lot of heat and if there exists excess humidity in the environment, the chances of sweating are higher. There is tremendous dampness in the air during the rainy season and this leads to body odour. To prevent your clothes from staying damp, it’s necessary to change into a warm set of clothes immediately on returning home from work, etc. Carry a deo-stick that you can use after 3 to 4 hours and keep yourself away from body odour. The Cinthol Deostickcomes in handy when you are at work, have to attend a meeting, head out for a quick lunch, etc. and is also available in 6 fragrances.


A great hair gel can really help to fix your hair in this season when the excessive dampness from the air can create havoc and damage your hair style. A good quality hair gel will provide a good hold and for men who desire a medium to long lasting hold, a hair gel can work wonders in preserving your hair style all day. Carry one in your bag and use it when you wish to style your hair quickly and without much fuss of heading to the salon or having a shower.


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