4 Evergreen Military Haircuts that are here to Stay – Awesome Men


Strong and masculine haircuts have always been a great way to show off your personality. The best military haircuts are the ones that have stood the test of time and are in vogue even in this day and age. From the classic crew cut to the lesser known military hairstyles, there are a few that you can experiment with and get your barber to work!


A butch cut is essentially best described as the shorter version of a crew cut. If you are someone who always wanted to try the buzz cut but never got around to setting your clippers on, this is a cut that is low maintenance and does not require tremendous amount of fuss. The hair is short on top and is even shorter on the sides and the back. The hairline will be seen tapering downward at the back of the neck. This is a cut that is easy to achieve and flaunt.


The flat top is a look that not many men can flaunt easily and requires styling, a good barber and quite some maintenance. The straight lines and the square look is what makes this haircut stand out and easily noticeable among the numerous other hairstyles. The shorter at the front, the shorter it will be on the crown. The length that you choose to go for is what defines the sharpness of this hairstyle.


Crew Cut - The Best Military Haircut

The crew cut is one of the most famous and appreciated military officer haircuts even today. This is a military haircut that is high on practicality and is also extremely stylish and functional. Maintaining a crew cut is not very difficult and visiting your barber every two weeks can do the trick. A short top which is not more than an inch and a fade at the sides is essentially how a classic crew cut should look like. This is one hairstyle that is bound to never go out of style and is definitely one that is here to stay. Opt for a rough and unfinished look to keep yourself looking dapper and stylish.


With high ranking military personnel and officers flaunting this famous haircut, this military hair style has gained immense popularity since decades back when it was a common sight in the armed forces. This army haircut is also similar to the crew cut but has relatively longer hair at the top which makes it easier to part. The back and sides are shorter and a medium length scalp coverage will keep your hair prim and proper. This hairstyle also requires bare minimum styling and a pomade will help you keep it in place.


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