4 easy grooming hacks men should adopt in their everyday routine


Well groomed men radiate a sense of self-esteem and are confident about their potential and abilities. However, grooming is a process and you need to follow a routine. Here are some grooming tips for men who want to look their best in everyday life.

Ensure you maintain hygiene and shower daily

It is important to maintain personal hygiene and ensure you brush your teeth, shower and comb your hair daily. No one likes to be around people who have body odour or bad breath. These simple habits will not only help you take care of your body but also increase your self-esteem.

Use the right grooming products

Try and use only the grooming products that suit your hair and skin. If possible, take an expert’s advice or read reviews online before buying essentials. Use good quality razors and trimmers in order to avoid getting shaving nicks. Refrain from going to salons that use knives as a shaving tool. And if you are someone who maintains a stubble or trims his hair at home, we recommend you to buy Cinthol After Shave After Trim and Cinthol Beard Wax.

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Get regular haircuts and style your mane

In order to avoid looking dishevelled, cut your hair at regular intervals and choose a hairstylist who gives you the right guidance. Use a hair styling product that will keep your mane in place and help you achieve a stylish and a dapper look. Use Cinthol Hair Cream and Cinthol Hair Gel for best results.Godrej Cinthol Hair Gel (Solid Hold) - Awesome Men Godrej Cinthol Hair Cream (Natural Shine) - Awesome Men

Dress smartly and comfortably

Dress according to occasion and wear clothes that are your size. Do not wear loose clothes to hide your body fat or tight pants that make you feel uncomfortable. Also, it is also important to pay attention to your footwear. You don’t want it to look out of place.

Stay fit and healthy

Maintain a good physique to fit into clothes that you want to wear. If you lose weight, you won’t only stay healthy but you’ll also look great in both formal and Indian attires. Plus, groomed men always tend to be an inspiration for the younger generation and make a lasting impression in front of people.


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