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There are various hair bun styles for long hair, some feature a classic pony tail while some others bundle their hair together into a top knot. For men with long hair, it can be quite a task to decide the perfect hairdo. Looking unkempt and dishevelled comes easy with longer hair if your hairstyle is not looked after.

There also also products that you need to own when it comes to styling your hair perfectly. The Cinthol Hair Gel is one such product that offers a lasting hold and will keep your hair in place thought out the day.

Godrej Cinthol Hair Gel - Awesome Men

There are also times when the man bun is complemented with a classic undercut. Leave the hair at the top longer and shave off the back and sides to give way to a rodent like pony tail. This is a bun style that is extremely popular and gives your personality an edge and a classic rock star vibe. Here are 3 famous ways to master the man bun!


A shaggy ‘full bun’ is just long hair tied back into a loose knot, not unlike your girlfriend’s hair when she goes to the gym. You see them stacked high and low, and they’re often accompanied by facial hair. For achieving the full bun, the hair needs to have grown a certain length. Get regular trims to keep your hair from weakening and causing split ends. This will result in faster hair growth and thus help you get the perfect man bun that you desired.

 Full Bun Hairstyle for Men - Awesome Men


The low bun is more easy and requires less effort than the full bun. The low bun is more stylish and displays a nonchalant, breezy attitude of one who wears it. All one needs to do is pull back your hair loosely, tie it with a band and forget about it. This is a man bun that tends towards being casual and less manicured than the other styles.


The more hair you have, the more attention and care it will require. Ensure that you comb, wash and condition your hair regularly. For men with an afro bun hairstyle, taking immense care of hair growth is a prerequisite to achieving an easy bun. If you have braids, ask your barber to give you an undercut, this will not only help you keep your hair in place, it also looks extremely stylish and glamourous. Extra product and day to day maintenance to stay on top of the knots, is something you are looking at when you aim for the famous afro bun!


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