3 Ways To Clean Your Beard Comb That You Need To Know Right Now


Beard Combs are important tools that form a crucial part of every man’s grooming kit. Keeping these tools clean should be a part of the grooming, especially, since they require very low maintenance.

Every beard comb needs to be cleaned in different ways and it depends on the kind of comb you use. While a plastic comb can simply be cleaned after use, a wooden comb can be cleaned once in two months. Boar’s bristle brushes need to be cleaned only twice a year.

  • Grab a large bowl in which you can place your beard combs for cleaning. You can also use your sink if it’s clean and sanitised.
  • Fill the container with warm water and squeeze some shampoo into the water. Stir it with your hand and allow the combs to soak.
  • Take a tissue paper and fold it into half. Use the edges of the folded tissue to clean the comb thoroughly. You comb is very often used for a variety of things like removing the dirt that gets stuck in long beards, to spread the beard oil or beard balms evenly and apply beard wax. Cleaning the beard comb with proper care can ensure you stay hygienic.

Wooden combs are widely used and preferred as they pull out fewer hair strands as compared to plastic or the metal combs. On the other hand, plastic combs are durable and work as a great fashion accessory to your grooming kits. While different men have varied preferences, cleaning a beard comb and keeping it ready to be used is a must.


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