3 Tips for Sensitive Skin


While a lot of men complain about oily skin, sensitive skin is not something that is easily attributable to a man. However, a lot of men have really sensitive skin and thus need to take extra care while stepping out in the sun or using a razor while shaving.

Sensitive skin, refers to skin that’s prone to irritation. This can manifest as redness, burning, itching or dryness in reaction to changes in temperature and weather conditions, new skin-care or household products, stress or diet.


No matter how much you want a good amount of Vitamin D for your skin, picking the wrong time in the day to be exposed to the heat will prove to be a problem. The sun’s rays are most intense between 10 am and 4 pm. While it’s not realistic to always stay indoors during these times, try to schedule your day so that you spend more of your “outdoor” time outside of this window. For example, take your daily walk or run before 10 am – or after 4 pm.


After shaving, your skin is extremely sensitive. To minimize razor burn and other shaving-related problems, use a men’s aftershave with soothing ingredients like witch hazel and aloe to calm your skin down. This also decreases the chances of developing ingrown hairs. Sensitive skin care is essential at all times as this is a type of skin that is most prone to allergies, rash or burns.


Avoid Hot Water Shower - Sensitive Skin Care Tip by Cinthol Awesome Men

Taking hot showers can contribute to dry skin and flakiness. Lukewarm or cool water is a better choice for protecting your skin from unnecessary irritation. A hot shower might feel extremely rejuvenating and refreshing but it can cause your skin irritation and lead to dryness. The heat in the shower takes away the essential oils present in the skin and thus makes it dry and flaky.

Make sure you use a good body wash that takes care of both the skin and your hair. Your hair quality also affects your skin. A good grooming regimen that is followed consistently will keep your skin healthy and glowing. Using a good cream for sensitive skin will prove useful at a time when the temperature is high and there is high possibility of heat burn or rash.


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