3 Rules of Nose Hair Trimming


Nose hair is something that no one wants but is at certain times unavoidable. We are all concerned with our appearance and getting rid of nose hair can be a real task in comparison to the other grooming activities one indulges in.

There are a few ways in which you can remove these annoying, long nose hairs. But first you need to think about how long they actually are and how much pain you can tolerate. We decided to give you a quick insight into the basic rules to follow and things to look at when you decide to remove your nose hair. How to cut nose hair is a big question that men face, here are a few tricks that will help you out!


Being extremely careful with ingrowth is important as plucking hard or using tweezers after most of the hair is removed can prove to be a problem. If you feel discomfort and irritation after trimming your hair, it is likely because of ingrown hair. To remedy that, wet a wash cloth with hot water, place the cloth over your finger, and stick your finger in your nose to moisten the inside of your nostril. Re-wet the wash cloth, stick it back up your nose, and make nose picking motions near the area of irritation. This will hopefully dislodge the ingrown hair from underneath your skin.


A lot of men use nail scissors and that can be cumbersome as the sharp edges can be risky and cause you harm. However, there are specially designed nose hair scissors that have rounded tips so you stay protected from cutting or poking yourself. If cutting isn’t something you find easy, using a nose trimmer is another option. A tweezer is a hair plucker that can also be used instead of a trimmer. All you need is a good pair of tweezers and you are good to go! Make sure you tweeze with care and don’t pluck extra hard. If you find this option painful, hair wax is another resort. Pulling out hair from the root is a painful process but it cleans up your nostrils and is the best way to remove hair. If you’re doing it at home, it pretty much consists of warming the wax, putting it on the tip of an applicator and putting this up your nose for around a minute. You’ll then need to pull it out swiftly and quickly. It may hurt at this point but the pain doesn’t last very long and you’ll have smoother and cleaner results.


Make sure you groom yourself regularly and set aside a particular time in the day, mostly before you have a bath or before you go to bed for your grooming regimen. Don’t skip this routine and make sure you pay close attention to your growth.

These are a few male grooming tips that you need to look into when you set out to remove your nose hair. Being a sensitive part of your face, taking proper care is a must so that you do not harm yourself.


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