3 Mustache Styles to Transform Your Face


Beards are surely a great way to accentuate your look, but if you are trying to make a lasting impression, the way ahead is getting a mustache. There are numerous mustache styles that will grab your attention, but the way to really transform your face and bring out aspects of your personality that will suit your face are to go back to the age old classics.

A good way to flaunt your upper stash is to try out the three best mustache styles which have been around for decades. We give you the top three mustache styles that will transform your face drastically.


The Handlebar Mustache Style - Cinthol Awesome Men

This is a mustache that became famous for its appearance with twists at the end. This mustache style is perfect for men with a playful side and who want a change and want to experiment with their look. Mustache styling wax is a must for your collection if choosing this look. Let the bulk of your mustache maintain its natural shape while you focus on using the wax to mold the ends.


This mustache style is a complete blast from the past and is an extremely old school look which can be pulled off by people who crave a distinguished flare to their personality. The pencil mustache got its name from its thin, pencil-like appearance and while it may require some extra upkeep like constant trimming to maintain that line, your new style statement will be worth it.


The Chevron Mustache Style - Cinthol Awesome Men

Tom Selleck adopted this signature straight mustache which went on to be called the ‘The Chevron’. His iconic ‘stache is bushy and thick but not messy, the perfect blend of manliness and cleanliness. While this mustache looks natural and bold, the trick is to keep it full but trimmed so that it holds its shape for longer.


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