3 Easy Steps that make the Perfect Skin Care Routine for Men


Men’s skin care products and routines are gaining increasing popularity and gone are those times when most men easily got away with tanned or patchy skin. We need to spend more time on our facial skin and even though men don’t go through elaborate skin rituals like women, there needs to be enough care taken to ensure that we do not neglect taking care of an essential body part; our skin.

More often than not, skincare gets slotted in the category of ‘beauty’ and becomes a concern for women. But what about the guys? When you take good care of your skin, it will show. Apart from looking firm and youthful it will also take care of problems like acne, uneven complexion, wrinkles and bad skin.

Developing a good skin care routine that works every day and takes care of your skin is the best way to deal with your skin. Here are three steps that will establish your skin care routine and keep your skin glowing and strong for longer.

  • The Morning Ritual

 Wash your face, but not with your body soap. It’s easy to jump in the shower and use whatever soap you have available. That is a terrible idea. It’s highly likely that the soap you use on your body will be too harsh for your face. Sort out the products that you want to use and stock them up in your house.

  • Evening Habits

Between handshakes, grabbing door knobs, turning handles, and pushing elevator buttons, our hands are coming in contact with all kinds of unpleasant things all day. It’s easy to touch our face and not even know we are doing it. We also expose our face to pollutants in the air every day which can build up on our skin. Establishing a solid evening skincare routine is essential.

  • Night Routine

Make sure you establish a good night routine as your skin is extremely receptive during the night. If you work well on it, your face can start looking better and shinier. Masks are like super cleansers because they soak up all the excess oils and impurities embedded in your skin. They should be used once a week after cleansing. Incorporate these essential elements into your night routine and you will not be disappointed.

Night Skin Care Routine for Men - Cinthol Awesome Men


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