Why Grunge is this year’s Biggest Men’s Fashion Trend?


There are a number of trends that keep appear only to fade away as fast as they start trending. There are however, some classic trends that have been around for decades and survived the test of time. The grunge fashion style essentially looked upon as a thoughtless, unconventional look with all its ripped jeans and flannel shirts, has come around to be much more than just casual dressing.

When it comes to men’s choice of dressing, it can be tricky to decide what exactly is a grunge look and what can be slotted as unkempt and lacking style. We cannot talk about grunge as a style and a trend without mentioning the iconic rock star Kurt Cobain. “Kurt Cobain embodied cool, in a no-fucks-given way,” says the Guardian menswear editor Helen Seamons. “He is one of those rare people who, even when he looked bad, looked good. Therefore, it’s a look other artists will tap into, sometimes unconsciously, because who doesn’t want a bit of Cobain cool in their look?”

So how exactly does one wear grunge? The first thing to ensure when it comes to tapping into the grunge trend is to make sure that your denim is frayed just the right way. Darker tones work better and going all out when it comes to rocking the ripped denims trend will hit the right spot. Refrain from donning jeans with just bare minimal rips. Grunge is all about the ripped- frayed through look and the only way to participate in the trend is to follow the rules.

Making it look and feel your own is a huge part of the grunge style. Not everything in your wardrobe has to be something you customise or purchase from stores. You can always play around with what you have and create your own outfit from scratch. The essence lies in channelling the vibe and not imitating any particular artist or anyone who would have embodied the grunge trend many years back. Ditching super skinny jeans for wider leg one and opting for loose, androgynous clothing is the way forward when it comes to nipping the grunge look in the bud.


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