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Your bachelor pad brings out the awesomeness in you. It’s vibrant, it’s buoyant, and it’s yours- enough reasons to want to come back to this place after a hectic day at work. You feel free-spirited here and want to keep the vibe of the place alive. How? By adding these items.


You don’t want your clothes lying everywhere, hence adding a few pieces of furniture will ease your everyday struggle. We suggest you buy a bed, a kitchen cabinet, a shoe cabinet and a wardrobe for your clothes. In case you are short on budget or aren’t sure exactly which piece of furniture to buy, there are renting companies that rent you affordable furniture for some time.

Home gym

 Home gym for bachelor men - Awesome Men

You are a hard-worker and can’t skip gym sessions. And now you can set up your own personal home gym. How? By stocking up a few dumbbells, weight plates, a treadmill and a punching bag.

Wall decoration

Wall decoration - Top essentials for a Bachelor Pad

Your wall is a reflection of your free spirit and white, empty walls will only invite boredom. Instead, using decoratives like picture frames and posters will convey your inner-vibe. If decorating is not your thing, you can buy a DIY paint box, invite some friends over and start painting the walls with vibrant colors.

Comfortable couches

Comfortable couches - Top essentials for a Bachelor Pad

No doubt, you are a hard-worker but for days when you just want to laze around and do nothing, buying a comfortable lazy chair or a couch would be a good option. Remember Chandler and Joey’s weird fascination with their couch? Now you know how to find the perfect one.

A home theatre system

Yes, your home will be incomplete without this. Who doesn’t love watching movies after a hectic day at work? If you have a home theatre system to go back to, life is sorted. Stream your favourite movies online, invite some friends over and relax!

Air fresheners

You hate bad smell and returning to a smelly home after a hectic gym session is a strict no-no. An air-freshener should definitely feature high on your list.

Wine refrigerator

Wine refrigerator - Top essentials for a Bachelor Pad

bachelor pad is incomplete without wine bottles, but you can’t let them lying around the whole house. Buying a wine refrigerator is an investment that you certainly won’t regret in the future.


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