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A chiselled physique, sparkling energy and a ‘never-say-never’ attitude is every man’s armor. Added to that is a strong sense of style that reflects his persona and a desire to be comfortably appealing. Yet, a man is chained to the limitations of repetitive office wear, in and out, every day of the year.

It limits his choices and chains him to a monotonous corporate dressing routine. But fret not! For a fashion enthusiast who wants to experiment with their workwear and keep their style meter running too, here is a chance to break those shackles and switch to Athleisure!

What is Athleisure?

Athleisure - Awesome Men

Athleisure is a comfortable and stretchable line of workout clothing that can be worn in outdoor settings too. After all, who said workout attires should be limited to the gym alone? Bring it to your workplace and see how it adds a zing to your custom dressing routine.

Here are a few Athleisure outfit ideas that can instantly spruce up your work style:

Button up shirts

 Button up shirts - Awesome Men

These are not your regular shirts, mind it! Button up Shirts are the new cool and can be worn over a basic tee.  These athleisure shirts look like the regular ones that you wear every day, but these are extremely stretchable and light-weight.

Sober sweatpants

Baggy sweatpants surely belong to the fitness center, but you do get ideal ones for office wear too. They make you look classy and deliver a level of comfort that no trouser can match up to!

Drake pants

Drake pants - Awesome Men

 Made of 98% cotton, these pants are exemplars of attires that keep you comfy all day. They act as a base for almost any kind of top, be it a t-shirt, shirt or a full sleeve.

Baseball jacket

Baseball Jacket - Awesome Men

Donning a baseball jacket is far better than wearing that monochromatic office suit. It is stretchable and comfortable, and it keeps you on your feet all day.

So is Athleisure all about wearing track pants to work?

Athleisure Pants - Awesome Men

Athleisure is much more than that! It combines the comfort of a gym and the sophistication of an office wardrobe in one. It makes a strong style statement, signifying that an office wear can be cool too.

Aye aye, cool men!


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