Men’s Traditional Outfits for the Festive Season


The end of the year is here and the festive season has officially begun. With a number of festivals lined up, there are numerous occasions when one has to be impeccably dressed and groomed. Being stylish and dapper is the norm and while most men are quite efficient with western wear, putting together a great traditional outfit becomes quite confusing.

There are various options to choose from and certain Indian attires come in exciting colours, vibrant and festive. The material is rich and with a plethora of menswear pieces that are available today to choose from, experimenting with different outfits should be on the cards.


A jodhpuri suit is a western suit that comes with a coat and a trouser. These are suits that are at times accompanied by a vest to give it the extra flair. With different colours and strikingly bold textures, the jodhpuri suit is one outfit that you should own.


The achkan is essentially similar to a kurta but is a buttoned down coat that is worn for slightly less festive occasions. This is a choice of outfit that works best when you do not intend to dress up and head out for a wedding but also require to spruce it up. The achkan has traditional embroidery like the gota or badla and is worn either with a dhoti or a chudidar.


The kurta is a quintessential Indian piece of clothing that every man should own. Kurtas come in a variety of colours and can be of different lengths. You can wear a short length kurta over a pair of jeans for a casual occasion or simply wear a long kurta with heavy embroidery and pair it with a chudidar. The occasion defines the choice of attire and with the kind of variety available, there is never shortage of options to pick from.


The Sherwani is a traditional outfit that works best for a wedding or for a festival. This is the perfect attire for a close family or friend’s wedding or simply to be worn for a grand party where you are the host. The Sherwani comes in various colours and patterns and is a garment that evokes a royal or an aristocratic vibe.

Along with the numerous outfits and clothing options, one important aspect that every man needs to look into during festivals and events is being groomed to perfection. Owning a grooming range will solve these problems. The Cinthol Grooming Range is a perfect mix of products that will sort out your day and keep it simple.

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