Men’s Dressing Tips to Get Stylish Look During Winters


Layering as a trend has been around for quite some time now and if you desire to get on the bandwagon, now would be the perfect time! Winter is here and it’s time to pull out those cardigans and hoodies we have stocked up. But layering has gone beyond being a device that can keep our bodies warm to a styling technique and a fashion statement that has ruled the runway for the past few decades!

Layering is not as easy as it looks and throwing on your entire wardrobe is not exactly the best way to practice this trend. It is usually not meant for formal occasions and being comfortable is just as important as being stylish.

There are some cardinal rules that play a part when you decide to layer up and we decided to short list the most important ones to give you a few steps that you should ensure are followed before designing your look.

Always thin to thick

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It goes without saying that the thinnest piece of clothing, preferably a cotton shirt, has to be your first layer. Building it up gradually with thicker pieces and adding layers that are more wind resistant is the way to go. Starting with a piece that is body-hugging and moving towards jackets and trench coats that leave space for you to breathe, is the ideal way to create a layered look.

Play around with size

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Layering a look involves being flexible and not sticking to the same size for all your pieces. Each layer should have its own identity and can be a combination of tailored pieces or ready-made fabrics. Using bigger sizes for the outer layer works perfectly while layering.

Use colour

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Don’t forget to experiment with colour! As long as the pieces do not clash drastically with each other, you are good to go. Using a balance of colours is appreciated and since most trench coats, sweatshirts, hoodies come in basic, neutral colours, they usually complement each other.

Practise minimalism

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You don’t want to look like a snowman! Be a minimalist when you decide to play the layering game and stick to a selected number of pieces. Avoid the temptation of piling on that scarf or another jacket, just because you have it in your wardrobe! Ideally 3 to 4 layers are sufficient and anything beyond 6 is heading towards a fashion disaster.

The rule of the hem

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The rule of the hem is an old one and not necessarily something that needs to be followed. It’s a misconception that only women need to follow the hem rule and if you are stylish and fashionably inclined, you can give it a go when you layer up. Wear a basic cotton or a linen shirt followed by a jacket or a coat with a longer hemline. However, quite a few celebritieshave challenged the hem rule by wearing shorter hems on the outside, though it requires vision, a perfectly curated look and a confidence to carry it well.


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