Fashion Basics That Every Awesome Man Needs In His Wardrobe


As far as styling goes, you can play around with colours, patterns and experiment with layers or prints, but there exist a few essentials that are wardrobe basics and items that every man should possess.

These are items that are versatile and can be paired with a variety of separates. Owning these will ensure you don’t agonize in front of the mirror and every outfit can change considerably by simply changing the way you style it.

A good understanding of wardrobe basics, latest fashion trends and ways to use them when required is key in styling yourself well. We made a list of the top ten basics that every awesome man should make sure he has in his wardrobe! These are pieces that will never go out of style!

 The oxford cloth button down

A classic oxford shirt is an absolute essential and a crisp white shirt can come in handy at all times. From formal black tie events to casual occasions, this is a versatile piece that can be easily paired with a blue denim or even a three piece suit.

• A tuxedo

Every guy needs a tux in his wardrobe. Most men will argue about how less a tuxedo comes to one’s use and will prefer opting for a navy suit. But a tuxedo ensures that you make a statement at the event and is fancier than any suit!

• A classic timepiece

A watch is a classic time piece that is more of a wardrobe necessity than an accessory and adds tremendous appeal to your look. A watch adds the necessary drama to a look and takes it to another level.

• A pair of chinos

Though most men will vouch for a basic pair of denims, a pair of chinos is worth investing in and since they’re made of cotton, they’re more versatile than most pants. They can be worn both in a professional and a casual set up and come in flat fronted or plated.

• A sweater

A woolen sweater with a V-neck is a crucial piece that can be used as a layer over shirts or paired with jackets or simply just worn by itself. If you don’t mind splurging a little, try a cashmere sweater. A darker shade like a navy or grey is great to keep the look formal but you can always experiment with different colours like burgundy for a more contemporary look.


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