5 ways to Implement Healthy Lifestyle Choices


Years are passing by like hours and with the hectic schedules that everyone has, it can become tedious to give a good amount of thought to your day-to-day choices. Binging on junk food in between work and skipping meals, missing your exercise routine and midnight snacking is a tempting way to live but definitely not the correct one.

The biggest hurdle towards a fitness transformation can be inertia. So we chalked out a basic exercise program and healthy changes for a working professional.

Here are 5 simple changes to make in the daily routines that are sure to help you succeed in leading a healthier and happier lifestyle.



You will be surprised to see that the simplest reward can reap maximum benefits. Shaping your health plan starts off with a goal. Everyone sets a goal. But what most people miss out on is the little reward that you give yourself for achieving every step. This reward mentally stimulates you and gives a tremendous boost to your mind. Get yourself an appointment for a massage for running that extra mile or for being consistent with two months of workout.


No matter how cliché this sounds, drinking more water is more important than any other health related tip. There are no such things as excess consumption of water and the more you drink, the better you will feel. In winter, especially, most of us forget to consume the basic amount of water the body needs. Keep a bottle of water handy or simply get yourself a sipper.



A good old walk can do wonders to the body! Go to a nearby park for fresh air and a little dose of nature. If you own a dog, you can take it for a run. Workout regularly and if you aren’t finding the time, make sure you walk for at least 15 minutes in the day. Make a fitness plan for yourself and stick to it.

Make sure you also carry a Cinthol Deostick along as this can keep you fresh and keep the bad odour off. It lasts for a long time and comes in handy when you have to meet people post a run or simply go for a walk with a friend or in a group.



Getting a full check-up is crucial and should be done at least once in the year. It helps in keeping a tab on your health and fitness. If you are an adventure travel freak, being physically fit is a necessity to give full justice to your next adventure.


Mental health gets hugely ignored and to be aware of your mental state is a necessity. Be open to new experiences. Go for a walk in the park, spend time by yourself and exercise regularly. All this will contribute largely to your mental state which in the long term has a great impact on your work. Being outdoors and getting a spot of exercise done will do wonders for your health. If you are someone who truly loves adventure travel, engaging in trekking, camping or hiking can also be rejuvenating and keep your mind at peace.


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