5 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Bachelor Pad for Christmas


Decorating your home for Christmas can be a daunting task but can turn into a fun-filled experience, if done right. Every house has a distinct way of decorating their space and a bachelor’s abode has its own quirks. While some men might not want to indulge heavily in home décor, some others want to take part in the house decorations and yet keep the pad’s inherent masculinity intact.

This Christmas, transform your bachelor pad into a space that will add to the festivity without having to succumb to the old-school, preppy ornaments. Take a look at a couple of modern DIY home décor ideas that don’t require you to spend a fortune.

These are 5 simple ways to prep for the festive season.

Let there be light

Christmas Lights - Christmas Decoration

Is there such a thing as excessive lighting? Well, when it comes to Christmas, more is definitely merrier and abundant Christmas lights can add a shimmer to your bachelor pad. Place a host of contemporary candlesticks on the window sill and buy a few strings of fairy lights. Fairy lights come in multiple colours and are cheaper than most decorations.

Inject some greenery

Inject Some Greenery - Christmas Decoration

Collect a bit of foliage and small branches when you go for a walk and spruce it up by tying them up with ribbons. Place pots and plants around your bachelor pad to add a homely vibe.

Join the upside down tree trend

Join the upside down tree trend - Christmas Decoration

The upside-down Christmas tree trend is the rage this festive season and is also extremely easy to implement. While some trees come with a stand, some are dangled from the top, suspended in mid-air or even hung from the ceilings. The inverted cone is then decorated the same way a conventional Christmas tree is adorned.

Quirky Christmas Ornaments

Quirky Christmas Ornaments - Christmas Decoration

For the men who find Christmas decorations slightly ridiculous, there are non-mushy, less dramatic pieces out there in the market. From hex nuts to car cut-outs that are hung up on the tree, these quirky ornaments have shown an increasing trend.

Experiment with wreaths

Experiment with wreaths - Christmas Decoration

Build a wreath from barbed wire and stick in the traditional green twigs. Wreaths need not necessarily be built out of flowers. An innovative wreath hung outside your door can be a warm welcome. You can get creative and build one out of unexpected materials like cookie cutters, candy and play around with shapes and colours.


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