5 Men’s Fashion Trends You Need to Watch Out for this New Year


Every year sees a host of trends that crop up and the runway is rampant with eccentric styles and fashion that is rarely seen in our wardrobes. But not all trends are difficult to execute and trying out new fashion trends can be truly enjoyable.

We decided to come up with a list of unconventional and bold trends that you need to watch out for, in the coming New Year! Here are 5 trends that can be tweaked and customized. So get experimenting and try out the latest fashion styles that made it big in the world of fashion!

Millenial pink

Millenial Pink Blazer - New Fashion Trends for Men 

This has been a year of the millennial pink and just like sunshine yellow has cropped up on all runways after ‘LaLaLand’ made it famous, pink is a color that is here to stay! The popular shades are the ones ranging in mid-pink to pastels and this warm color looks good on most men. From blush colored blazers to a bold pant-suit, pink is not just a woman’s color.


Twinning might seem like a far-fetched trend that is possibly only seen in glossy magazines. Think again! Matching outfits with your bro or your significant other is now something that is not just done by celebrities alone. Get yourself a jumpsuit or a t-shirt with your favorite band or a cool slogan and wear it together! You can even co-ordinate jackets or get yourself a pair of his-and-hers suits to get on the trend bandwagon.

Bold prints

Pastels, classic checks, stripes or just the old fashion florals are the print trends that have a huge influence on the men’s fashion pieces this coming year. If you find yourself shying away from the bolder and more vibrant prints, try going for relatively muted tones for a quieter vibe.

The man purse

The man purse - New Fashion Trends for Men

The man purse is an accessory that is more useful than you can imagine! Depending on the size and purpose, a man purse can be a camera bag, a cross body bag or even a messenger bag. Worn slightly higher than a typical female-cross body bag, this bag comes in a variety of styles and can accentuate your look by making you look effortlessly stylish.


Bandanas - New Fashion Trends for Men

A bandana can be a fashion statement at any time of the year and with the diversity in styles available, you can select a bandana that suits your personality. A bandana is not necessarily to be worn on the head and you can even tie one around your neck or use one as a pocket square. A smart casual outfit goes best with a bandana! A bandana also brings in a hint of style to your casual, rugged attire when you are out camping or trekking.


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