5 Fashion Mistakes All Awesome Men Should Avoid


You are fitness-conscious, disciplined and athletic, and being awesome is just your way of life. So when it comes to staying upbeat with the latest fashion trends, you certainly don’t want to go the wrong way.  For awesome men like you, here are the five fashion mistakes worth avoiding.

Short sleeve shirt with a tie

Considered a cardinal sin in the fashion world, wearing a short sleeve shirt with a tie is absolutely not recommended. It is neither a formal style of clothing nor an informal one, and although many men prefer it just because it is ‘different’, it is a fashion mistake worth avoiding at all costs.

V-Necks that go deep down

V-Neck shirt that go deep down - Mens Fashion Blog

Showing off your muscles in fitted t-shirts is one thing but going too deep with a V-neck tee should be avoided. Instead, opting for a regular V-neck fit tee would be a safer option to consider. Also, while wearing a V-neck, don’t forget to keep a check on your chest hair.

Too-loose to fit

Nothing beats clothes that fit you well. Wearing loose t-shirts and shirts will make you look baggy and bulky. Instead, clothes that fit you well will complement your body, turning up your style quotient too. Similarly, many men wear extremely tight clothes and this is again a fashion faux pas.

Wearing socks with sandals

Wearing socks with sandals - Mens Fashion Blog

You love your holidays. Heading to the beach is your idea of busting stress. But while wearing those comfortable sandals, do you pair them with socks? Hope not, for this is a big fashion mistake. Instead, keep those socks at home and let your feet breathe.

Matching socks color with shoes

Matching socks color with shoes - Mens Fashion Blog

The trick is to match your socks with your bottom wear and not with your shoes. If you are wearing formal attire, khaki or denim, know your color well. Also, many men swear by white socks. But again, these are perfect for sportswear, so let’s keep it that way.


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