5 Cool Haircuts of Celebrity We Are All Gushing Over – Awesome Men


There are numerous hairstyles that all men are fascinated with, but some celebrity haircuts are truly the ones that impress everyone. Various celebrities across the world have tried out a horde of different hairstyles. But a few of these are ones that are worth taking a look at and also imitating.

Here are a few cool haircuts for men that the most iconic personalities have tried and pulled off with ease and style.


Beckham is known for his textured slick back hair and this is one hairstyle that he truly made popular. The man bun is also a hairstyle that gained extreme popularity when Beckham flaunted it at a fashion week, last year. The man bun can look extremely endearing, if done right!


The classic undercut and a slick back was the hairstyle that Brad Pitt made famous. The undercut is a well-known hair style and seeing it on our favourite celebrity just assures us the impact it can have.


Zac Efron has kept his hairstyle consistent since a long time and the ruffled hair is the perfect messy boy look that we all love. To create a quiff you need a decent amount of hair in the middle of your head, and shorter sides to help emphasize the length. If you’ve got naturally curly hair then use a hair mousse, when you’ve just jumped out the shower, to help define the curls.


Depp’s cut has longer layers on the top, and is tapered around the back and sides. It can be parted or quiffed. It’s low maintenance, and one of the 80s better offerings. While Depp’s style may appear slightly dated, a modern look can be achieved by drawing inspiration.


From the long hair to a buzz cut, Harry Styles is the ultimate style inspiration for youngsters. However, to replicate Harry’s look, the best would be to apply a salt spray to towel dried hair, and blow-dry with a diffuser to really bulk up the weight. This style is best on slightly wavy hair of medium texture – this hair type supports the length and the weight that you will need.


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