5 Best Items to Gift Your Travel Buddies this Monsoon – Awesome Men


The monsoon season sees a great hike in the number of travellers stepping outdoors for a quick getaway. The rains and the beautiful weather means there are a number of treks, hiking expeditions and getaway locations that one can visit and experience at the best time of the year.
At such times, when you have to gift your friend or your travel buddy a gift for a particular occasion, make sure you gift him something truly useful. There is a plethora of travel gift ideas, but we have made a list of the best gifts for travellers that you should consider gifting someone who truly loves travelling.


A great passport holder will also hold your other documentation and keep you organised and well prepared for that flight. Gifting your friend, a passport holder, you can also get one customized with his initials on the cover or his name printed or embossed at the top. A wide variety of merchandise is now available which you can pick from, so pick your friend’s favourite colour and gift away!


A travel kit always includes a toiletry bag and a good one with sufficient number of compartments, is a must during travel. A bag that is big enough to hold a comb, your tooth paste, brush, beard oils, skin products, etc. Gifting your travel buddy this item will ensure that he stays organised and packing is a quick activity. Ensure that the bag is water proof, that way he can carry it around in his sack, during the rain.


Travel Journal - Gifts for Travelers

What better way to help your friends travel and truly enjoy their journey than by gifting them a companion to pack along in their backpacks? The travel journal will an account of all their travels and adventures. A true traveller seeks immense joy from recording and documenting his journey and capturing moments that stay with him / her for a long time to come. This journal will be a great way to help them do the same.
Choose wisely and add a note for a personal touch.


There are many trends that crop up when it comes to the perfect pair of sneakers that one should wear. Athleisure is one such trend that has been ruling the charts and has led to a whole new rage of footwear and shoes being worn by men to flaunt new styles and fashion. But one item that stays effortlessly classy and will never go out of style is a pair of classic sneakers. These are trainers that clean cut and will go perfectly on any outfit that you choose. These trainers are the most efficient during the monsoons and a good pair will keep you protected and will allow you to go trekking or hiking without worrying about your feet.


Old School Film Camera - Gifts for Travelers

Before the advent of social media, the film camera was all the world had and depended on for capturing a good frame and storing it, only to be retrieved later on for reliving that memory. Take your friend back to the good old days, before the phone was everything one needed, to capture a beautiful frame. A good old school film camera will be a great memoir and offer a different experience, every time you capture a view. Experiencing the monsoon and revelling in the joy of taking pictures with a good camera, is something every traveller should experience.


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