5 Accessories That Will Amp Up Your New Year Look


The New Year is a great time to pay attention to your wardrobe, explore the latest fashion trends and to take a quick look into what you need in order to amp up your looks. Most men have a set style, so when it comes to dressing and planning the outfits is not really a challenge. But when it comes to attending an event or a party, accessories can be a real task and to zero down on classy ones that do not compromise your masculinity can be a tad difficult.

So in order to help you make that transition from being a guy who knows his style to being someone who is truly well-dressed and exudes confidence and class, we came up with a list of 5 basic fashion accessories that will never go wrong.

These are the latest fashion accessories that need to be in your wardrobe this year, along with all your basics!

A panama hat

The solid colours are preferred in a Panama hat but this it is easily available in a variety of colours and can even be paired with your formal attire. It is a versatile hat and is usually worn in places with a tropical climate. Don this hat on a beach or on an adventure trek to instantly change your look.


Cufflinks are what every man ought to have in his wardrobe along with a great tuxedo or a three-piece suit. Cufflinks will help you out immensely when a formal attire is the order of the day and a French cuffed shirt is all it takes to look elegant and stylish. Cufflinks come in a variety of sizes and designs. Opt for subtle and simpler ones and keep it classy!

A leather billfold wallet

A classic leather wallet is the need of the time and will set you apart from the school boys who still have a thing or two to learn about manhood. Get your initials embossed on the bottom if you wish to, but regardless, a good leather wallet will always leave an impression.

A white pocket square

White Pocket Square - Cinthol Awesome Men

The pocket square is an accessory for all ages and a simple white one can come in handy at black tie events or formal galas. A pocket square comes in various colours and shapes but the non-fussy white version is what you need to truly amp up your style quotient.

A leather holdall

Every awesome man needs one for the numerous adventurous trips that he takes and a weekender is the perfect bag for such occasions. The leather holdall is classy and your go-to for a stylish accessory that is also efficient and easy put to use. A simple black or brown shade will easily go with a host of outfits and a different colour will go well on a more contemporary outfit.


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