4 Travel Essential for Men going on Monsoon Trip – Awesome Men


The advent of the rain has changed the weather drastically. Rain always brings it with it a little romanticism and encourages most of us to travel and go outdoors seeking adventure and new experiences. Apart from trekking and hiking, there are various destinations that you can pick and explore in this season. The weather is beautiful and offers the perfect escape from our daily routine.

However, there are a few men’s grooming essentials that one needs to pack when going trekking or on a vacation in the rainy season. These are items that are not as conventional as the regular umbrellas, raincoats and gum boots and thus have a tendency to be overlooked. Here are 4 travel essentials for men to be taken with you on a trip, this monsoon.


When it comes to accessories, there are a few essentials that will keep you protected from the rain and add an edge to you look. Beanies come in a variety of colours but going for the deep, classic colours will help you pair it up with most outfits. Brighter colours like burgundy or mustard can draw attention to your head and works well for a casual vibe.


These are headphones that are chunky and go over your ears. Apart from facilitating you with the latest music and a list of your favourite podcasts, these ear phones will also keep your ears warm and protected from the rain. This is not an accessory that is just a way to listen to music, so if you intend to pair it with a hat, it won’t work.


Carrying a good quality fragrance is essential when you head out on a holiday, especially, during the monsoon. A deo stick will keep you smelling great for a longer time when you head out on a trek or climb mountains in the rain. Getting soaked in the rain, having your clothes drenched and getting dirty is a given when you take a monsoon trip. Carry a deo-stick that you can use after 3 to 4 hours and keep yourself away from body odour. The Cinthol Deo Stick is a great choice and will keep you fresh.


A garment brush is a grooming essential that becomes extremely pertinent in this weather. A man who owns a pet at home is most likely to own a lint roller. But if you do not already have one, buying a garment brush can ensure your garments like shearlings jackets and shirts are well taken care of; from wiping off stray hair to returning your outfit to the way you bought it, this is an accessory you should possess. The rain brings with it dirt, dust and particles that get stuck to your clothes easily, these can be removed and wiped off using a garment brush.


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