4 Stylish Airport-Looks for Frequent Travelling Men


If you are a frequent traveler and spend more time around the world than at home, you should know that looking good during these escapades is also very important.

Dressing for the airport can be tricky business. You cannot go over the top with all those bomber jackets and oversized shrugs, because well, you are just travelling. On the other hand keeping it minimal, does not translate to ‘not’ adhering to any fashion rules at all.

To help you sail through this, we have decoded four airport looks that will keep your style in check and fashion on point:

For sporty men

Sporty Men Look - Cinthol Awesome Men

Athleisure is the latest clothing trend that lets you wear workout clothes anywhere. So wear those comfortable track pants and sports sneakers and get going. A basic printed-tee, black joggers, a black sweatshirt and white sneakers will complete your sporty look.

For the beach lovers

Beach Look - Cinthol Awesome Men

If chilling with your squad on the beach, is your idea of an ideal vacation, a casual look will be perfect for your airport trip. Try stylish black jeans, a hoodie and a casual tee, and your look will be apt for your ‘cool guy’ status. Wear your favourite Cinthol Deostick variant to make sure you smell great too.

For the adventure seekers

This style is all about adventure. You can pair washed-out basic grey jeans with a dark camouflage jacket and a basic blue tee. Add on some army-green boots and you are ready to travel to the best adventure destinations in the world.

For the casual guys

Casual Airport Look - Cinthol Awesome Men

If you want to keep it cool right before your adventure trip, a casual airport look will work best for you. A basic black tee paired with cargo pants and a pair of canvas shoes will seal the deal.


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