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Men’s fashion trends keep changing with every new season, and monsoon is a time when the blazers and three- piece suits take a back seat and new fashion trends for men come under the limelight.

Apart from the conventional trends like trench coats or rain coats that are introduced due to the seasonal shift, there are a few other trends that are unconventional, edgy and will truly make you stand out. We did some digging and came up with 4 new trends that are ruling the charts, this monsoon.


The aim with oversized tailoring is to achieve a laid back and a relaxed look. This is a trend that has recently cropped up and is dominating the fashion scenes. All things ‘anti-fit’ are the rage this year. There is excessive humidity during this season and an oversized shirt or an otherwise unflattering suit can be easily pulled off with ease during the monsoon. It keeps the body breathing and is extremely comfortable to carry.


Denims on Denims - New Fashion Trends for Men - Cinthol Awesome Men

The famous denim on denim trend is one that is here to stay and the monsoons are a time of the year when denim jackets and shirts will not get you all hot and bothered. The set-in-stonewash rule is that the respective shades of your top and bottom halves should be different enough that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a two-piece. Make sure your lower denim is darker and mixing colours will add an edge to the outfit. Monochrome works best and helps avoid uniformity.


The monsoon season sees a lot of change in the way we dress and monsoon clothing that can take the onslaught of the heavy rainfall starts dominating the fashion trends. Nylon is a material that stands the test of time in these months and with the kind of variety available, you will not be disappointed. Try bright colours, exposed zips, side stripes to add an element of interest to your basic look. Nylon tracksuits are an athleisure staple that will never really go out of trend. So invest in a great tracksuit, this monsoon.


Accessories are a huge part of an outfit and this stands true for men’s fashion, just as much as women’s. And what better way to carry your stuff around than stuff it in a small bag that is just the right size? Bum bags are all the rage this year and can be extremely convenient for the monsoons. The advantage lies in not having to shoulder a huge man bag! You can opt for a bag that can be slung around the body rather than belted around the waist. Bum bags come in a variety of sizes and patterns and can be matched with different outfits.


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