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The basic rules of grooming suggest that there are a few cool tie knots that every man should know of at all times! The old way of tying a tie at workplace is no longer cool and there are many more ways to experiment with neckwear.

There are various modern ways of tying a knot for your tie, but some different tie knots truly stand out and are worth experimenting. While these speak volumes about one’s personal style, they also add great panache to the outfit, especially, if you are donning a three-piece suit. Depending upon the occasion, one can choose and style their neckwear.


This is the simplest go-to option for a formal occasion like a wedding or a meeting. Relatively taking more time than any other knot, this is a knot that needs practise. Cross the wide end over the narrower one, drop it between the collar and the narrow end. Bring the wide end back up through the neck loop. Tighten the knot.


Cross the wide end of your tie over the narrow end and back behind. Repeat. Repeat again for a wider knot. This is a knot that results in the tie being skinnier than the full Windsor is also easier to tie. This is a knot that you can flaunt on a Sunday afternoon social or simply for a date night if you choose to take your lady to a fancy fine dine.


The fish bone is a knot that needs years of experience and is fancier and more formal than the full Windsor. This is a knot that you wear when you have to make a court appearance. Just like the full Windsor, this is a knot that truly expresses your personality and shows your personal style.

Fish Tie Knot - Awesome Men


The classic James Bond style, this is a knot that gained immense popularity for being glamourous, stylish and oozing panache. A black tie essential, this knot is perfect for formal dinner events or where a stipulated dinner dress is expected. The bow tie is a knot that goes well with most face cuts. As with any face based accessory, taking into account your face cut is a must, same goes with tying a knot. However, the bow tie is a knot that works well with all ages and face cuts.


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