3 ways to style a Modern Pompadour


The numerous hairstyles that have emerged for men since the last few years are cool, edgy and experimental and have created a storm in the world of fashion. However, there is one hairstyle that is extremely edgy and yet remains to be the most popular one among men, these days. This hairstyle is accessible and not overtly stylish or out of reach. Elvis Presley was the man who made this hair cut popular and though he wasn’t exactly the inventor of this master piece of a style, it got associated with him, since then. Wondering what we are referring to? The Men’s Pompadour!

The basic hairstyle involves trim sides with a long middle that’s swept backwards to create a voluminous look. Men’s pompadour hairstyles can be personalised to suit different looks, with variations in lengths and textures. Elvis kept his fairly traditional, with a large sweeping front that was the main focus of the look and trim. The sides were not buzzed, though, the sides were kept in place with hair wax. He also fully embraced the sideburns, creating a unique style that’s now become iconic. We show you three simple ways to style a pompadour and create different looks.


The pompadour in itself is a hairstyle that has gained immense popularity and the modern pompadour takes this hairstyle a few notches higher! The angles of this haircut are more defined in the modern pompadour in comparison with the original version and thus create a look that is edgy and fashionable. It also works best for men who wish to use height to make their faces appear longer.


The pompadour fade is a classy variation of the original pompadour and will set you apart as this is one way of styling your hair that very few men indulge in. The buzz cut on the sides gives this hairstyle an added edge and accentuates your hairstyle much more than in the traditional pompadour. The middle part of the hair can vary, with some men keeping it long and sweeping and creating a strong contrast between the sides, and others maintaining a short middle to keep the overall look subtler and easy to manage.


The sudden shift in length from clipped sides up to the volume-heavy top make for a jarring but strong style. It also offers excellent versatility meaning you don’t need to worry too much about always styling your hair. The longer hair on top can look just as good falling over the short sides as a neat style does.


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