3 Health Tips You Should Note This Monsoon to Stay Fit – Cinthol Awesome Men


There are various ways to practice fitness and while most of us enjoy a good run or a jog, this practice might need to see change in the monsoon. Apart from following a great diet, there are also other aspects that one needs to ensure, are being followed if one intends to stay fit as a fiddle.

While several healthy lifestyle habits and tips make the charts, there a few basics that one needs to consider adopting. These are options that keep your workout fun, engaging and interesting. It will keep you motivated, healthy and energetic even during the monsoons.


This is the time when zeroing down on a schedule and making sure you follow it the T, is of paramount importance. We are used to stepping out of the house and going for a run / jog or simply a walk and this routine can get affected because of the rain. So, unless you are someone who loves venturing outdoor in the rainy season, make a workout plan that you will be able to see through for the next 3 months. There are various kinds of workout regimes that can be practised indoors. Sticking to a good regimen that is feasible or joining a gym, a yoga class or pilates can be a good way to ensure that you stay physically fit during this season.


This is the season when trekking and hiking along the mountains is the most attractive and planning a weekend activity with lots of climbing and walking can do wonders to your physique. This will help in building stamina and also keep the workout interesting and exciting. Trekking along the Himalayas or planning an adventurous trek to the famous hiking spots in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh can be a great option.


The biggest problem we encounter when we go on a diet and restrict the food intake to a minimal portion is tackling cravings. The way you deal with cravings and cheat meals will eventually help you get fitter, if done the right way. Planning a cheat meal in advance is necessary to ensure that you stay motivated to work out and handle a hectic work life simultaneously. Eating healthy is of supreme importance and making sure you eat small meals in correct proportion is key but incorporating a cheat meal in your week is just as necessary for your body to recover and gain energy.


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