Rannvijay Recommends Gym Bag Essentials For Men On The Go – Awesome Men


The gym over the years has become one of my favourite places. It is a place that relieves me of stress and leaves me completely recharged and ready to take on the world.  In between hectic shoot schedules and frequent travelling, whenever I feel the need to refresh myself, a gym session never fails to invigorate me.

Which is why my gym bag is always ready to help me pack a punch at a moment’s notice. If you are a go-getter too, here are some absolute essentials you need in your bag to power you through your regimes.

Protein bars

Gym Bag Essential - Protein Bars

Protein bars are very helpful when you experience hunger-pangs in-between your workouts. These bars contain Amino Acids, essential proteins, and a horde of nutrients. They also boost your energy levels right before your workout sessions and are available in a variety of flavors.

Workout shoes

Gym Bag Essential - Workout Shoes

A good pair of sports shoes is an absolute necessity. But choosing one that fits you perfectly is not an easy task. Make sure you choose the right type of running shoes for your gym training sessions. Or you could even opt to buy special shoes for individual routines such as weights and planks. Wearing the right shoe is half the workout done. So invest in a good pair.

Fitness tracker

Gym Bag Essential - Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker is a gym bag essential that is now gaining unprecedented momentum. It tracks your fitness progress and tells you the exact number of steps/reps/distance run/weights lifted in a day. Also, it is has given birth to a more health conscious community where you can track and compare your fitness levels with those around you. It calculates the amount of time you spend on walking, running and sleeping and tells you exactly how many calories you burn in a day. So, even if you don’t want it on your hand all day long, just keep it in your gym bag and check out your progress while working out.

Water bottle

Gym Bag Essential - Water Bottle

It’s essential to keep yourself hydrated while exercising. Carrying a water bottle will save you plenty of time which is spent running in-between water coolers and treadmills during your workout. I would recommend a sipper as it is the most convenient.

Pain relieving sprays

Gym Bag Essential - Pain relieving sprays

Pain shouldn’t hold you back. You don’t want that sudden muscle cramp or pull to turn into something severe overnight. Carrying a pain relieving spray comes handy in such situations. A pain-relieving gel or tablets will also serve the purpose.


Gym Bag Essential - Deodorants

This needs no reasoning. But among deodorants, I recommend you to choose Cinthol Deostick. It is a compact cream-based deodorant which is gentle on your skin and lasts three times longer than other gas-based deodorants. It is so compact that it hardly takes up any space in your bag.


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