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For beard lovers, November is a month to celebrate. And why not? You have worked so hard to transform that stubble spurt to a full grown beard. With the arrival of no-shave November, it’s officially time to show it off to the world.

But is your beard game on point?

Selecting a product that enhances your majestic beard can be an arduous task, and to help you make a choice, here are my favorite Movember essentials.

Beard oil

Beard Oil - Cinthol Awesome Men

A Beard oil is your best bet to take hair care seriously. It nourishes your beard and strengthens it enough to keep it in a good condition throughout the month. It is best to apply beard oil just before you sleep and let it stay overnight, that is how you nurture your beard to perfection!

Beard wash

Beard wash - Cinthol Awesome Men

Perfect for men who take beard cleanliness seriously, a beard wash is gentle on your facial hair. It is different from the other soap based products that dry your beard and make it untidy. Instead, this Movember essential works mildly on your facial hair and keeps it super-hygienic.

Beard Wax

Beard Wax - Cinthol Awesome Men

Beard wax is your perfect accomplice after a thorough wash. It helps you keep your beard in shape. Also, it moisturizes and conditions your beard so that it never loses its charm.

Beard balm

Beard balm - Cinthol Awesome Men

Movember is basically November with a cause. And November is winter time, a time that tests skin and hair to the limits. Just like you condition and moisturize your skin, it is essential to do the same with your facial hair. Beard balm is thicker than oil, sits well on your skin and it moisturizes your hair exceedingly well.


Pomade - Cinthol Awesome Men

Pomade is for the beard what a styling gel is for hair. It helps you keep your beard and moustache in shape by providing an additional long-lasting hold. It is a good moisturizer too!

Ranvijaysingha - Cinthol Awesome Men

Photo Credit: www.instagram.com/rannvijaysingha

With these essentials handy, you will surely rock no-shave November. So, get going!


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