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Awesome Men - Cinthol Awesome Men - Cinthol
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Awesome Men - Cinthol Awesome Men - Cinthol

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Awesome Men - Cinthol Awesome Men - Cinthol


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Men's Grooming

The summer heat is intense and all of us are facing the brunt of the sun’s rays. At such times, apart from hydrating yourself regularly and sipping on cold juices, there is one... Read More
3 Reasons You Will Need an All-In-One Wash this Summer
There are numerous hairstyles that men choose depending on their face shape, personality and mood, but have you ever given a thought to what women like? Well, it may not necessarily be something... Read More
Men! Here are some hairstyles women love
The scorching heat has bid farewell and we are now dealing with the rainy season. The monsoons can be a real challenge when it comes to commuting for work, getting some serious work... Read More
4 Grooming Tips that Every Man Needs this Monsoon
How to groom a beard during the monsoon season is a question most men face when the rain starts pelting and the humidity in the air sees a drastic increase. Along with this,... Read More
Beard Grooming Tips: How to Groom a Beard this Monsoon
There are several problems that crop up with the advent of the rain and common skin troubles is one of them. There are many issues that need to be dealt with by taking... Read More
Most Common Skin Problems during Monsoons and How to Tackle Them?
The seasons have seen a change and the rain brings with it numerous changes in grooming routines for men and women alike. While some men have dry skin which sustains better during these... Read More
Skin Care Tips to Follow during the Rainy Season!
With every new season, hairstyles change and modern hairstyles for men crop up or simply old ones that have more reason to be tried out in a particular weather, come to the fore... Read More
Cool Hairstyles for Men to Flaunt this Monsoon – Awesome Men Cinthol
A skin care regimen is unique to the kind of skin you have, the season, the weather among other factors.  Various skin types see a lot of change in their facial skin almost... Read More
The Ultimate Monsoon Skin Care Routine for Men by Awesome Men Cinthol
Hairstyles are constantly evolving with time and season however, it is easy to keep a tab on the newest hair style and get it done from your barber, but what is more important... Read More
4 Men’s Hair Styling Tips for the 2018 Monsoon – Cinthol


Your bachelor pad brings out the awesomeness in you. It’s vibrant, it’s buoyant, and it’s yours- enough reasons to want to come back to this place after a hectic day at work. You... Read More
Stocking A Bachelor Pad – 7 Things You Need Now – Awesome Men Cinthol
You are fitness-conscious, disciplined and athletic, and being awesome is just your way of life. So when it comes to staying upbeat with the latest fashion trends, you certainly don’t want to go the... Read More
5 Fashion Mistakes All Awesome Men Should Avoid
A chiselled physique, sparkling energy and a ‘never-say-never’ attitude is every man’s armor. Added to that is a strong sense of style that reflects his persona and a desire to be comfortably appealing. Yet,... Read More
Sprucing Up Your Work Life With Athleisure – Awesome Men
The awesome man is a legend; he is a perfect mix of all the lab tests gone right. He is unafraid to take risks, loves to explore, and is a wanderer. Do you have... Read More
Are You One Of The Awesome Men? These 7 Signs Will Tell! – Awesome Men
We know you are someone whose confidence level remains unshaken, even during the toughest interviews. To keep up with this spirit, here is a quick style guide that will keep your fashion meter... Read More
Your Style Guide To Crack That Interview
With New Year around the corner, absolutely nothing should stop you from pushing your limits and achieving your resolutions. Read More
Healthy Lifestyle Changes To Turn Your New Year Around
If you are a frequent traveler and spend more time around the world than at home, you should know that looking good during these escapades is also very important. Read More
4 Stylish Airport-Looks for Frequent Travelling Men
Decorating your home for Christmas can be a daunting task but can turn into a fun-filled experience, if done right. Every house has a distinct way of decorating their space and a bachelor’s... Read More
5 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Bachelor Pad for Christmas
Christmas is almost here and an ode to age old friendship is selecting the perfect gift.It can be tough to choose the perfect gift, especially, one that will be loved. So we decided to intervene and help you out Read More
Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men by Cinthol Awesome Men

Travel & Adventure

A road trip to Ladakh is enthralling and it resonates perfectly with the traveler in you. It is not only about the thrill and excitement, but about keeping up with the challenges too.... Read More
Biking Travel Essentials For Men On A Road Trip To Ladakh – Awesome Men
Your family is your rock of Gibraltar, a source of constant strength and support in your life. They keep motivating you to become a better person, and provide you with the drive to... Read More
Family Adventure Holiday Ideas For The Awesome Man
An intrepid traveller is someone who has an incessant need to be on their feet. They pick roads which are rough, rugged and rocky, and are unafraid to start on a new journey,... Read More
5 Must-Have Essentials For Travel-Enthusiasts
There is nothing more adventurous about a trek than relentless ridges that push you beyond your limits. Though these treks are awesome in their own way, it is also important to stay equipped... Read More
Trekking Travel Essentials for Men – Awesome Men Cinthol
Mountain biking is one thing that amplifies thrill the most. If you are picking your bike and heading to the mountains anytime soon, do check out this list of essentials. Read More
Travel Essentials for Mountain Bikers – Awesome Men
Giving up is never an option for you. As an intrepid hiker, you love trailing off to offbeat places and even when the going gets tough, instead of quitting, you take a breather... Read More
Hiking Hacks with few Travel Essentials – Awesome Men Cinthol
If you’re an adventure lover, the only thing that keeps you going through routine life is the excitement for the next adventure. And how do you plan to make that next trip to... Read More
5 Things to Look Out While Adventure Travel Booking
Life is all about taking risks and when it comes to adventure, the thrill is even more. Even though you love experiencing unexplored places, when it is with your gang, the excitement just... Read More
5 Adventure Activities Worth Exploring With Your Gang
This year has a lot of long weekends and the Republic Day weekend is just the start! There is tremendous scope to travel these three days and making the best use of your... Read More
5 Places To Visit In The Republic Day Weekend

Sports Fitness

When it comes to pushing limits, you go all out with guns blazing. You put in all your energy and ensure that nothing stops you from achieving the best. But sometimes, just sometimes,... Read More
5 Fitness Workout Routine for Men to Do at Home
You are an avid fitness enthusiast and are not afraid to sweat it out at the gym. But with tight schedules and office hours taking up most of your time, sticking to your... Read More
Home Workout for Men Who are Too Busy to Hit the Gym
The rugged and the adventurous always believe in keeping themselves fit. And the most important thing to staying fit is never letting go of motivation. To celebrate the spirit of never giving-up, here... Read More
12 Fitness Motivation Quotes That Will Instantly Get You Going
Fitness is not only about working out at the gym. It is a way of life, and something that you are extremely passionate about. You manage to make time for your fitness routine... Read More
Your Guide To Buying The Right Running Shoes
An awesome lifestyle is all about hard-work, dedication and discipline. It is about knowing how to push your boundaries and going that extra mile without second-thoughts. Some of our sports stars are shining examples of... Read More
6 Sports Stars Who Give Us Major Fitness Goals
Ever wondered how successful people find time to remain fit in between juggling multiple roles? Well, a dedicated regime, a rigorous fitness drill and a passion for staying on the top of the... Read More
Fitness Mantras Of Successful People
A good exercise routine is what all of us need and being consistent with one can be a real challenge. Getting leaner and losing weight is just the start of the gym workout... Read More
Gym Workouts For Men
If the past year in men’s fashion has taught us anything it is the fact that sneakers are here to stay! The kind of sneakers that are being designed today will give a... Read More
Decoding the Sneaker Trend and How to Pick the Best Ones
Are you someone who dreads going to the gym and working out with heavy weights? Do you find excuses every day for not going to the gym? Worry not! We have compiled a... Read More
Hate going to the gym? Here are 5 alternatives to remain fit

Export Take

The gym over the years has become one of my favourite places. It is a place that relieves me of stress and leaves me completely recharged and ready to take on the world.... Read More
Rannvijay Recommends Gym Bag Essentials For Men On The Go – Awesome Men
Does your adrenaline pump when you reach for the ignition of your motorbike? Does the prospect of a long road trip excite you? If it’s a yes, you are a free-spirited wanderer who... Read More
Top 10 Vacation Destinations To Go Bike Riding – Awesome Men
For beard lovers, November is a month to celebrate. And why not? You have worked so hard to transform that stubble spurt to a full grown beard. With the arrival of no-shave November,... Read More
5 Beard Grooming Essentials You Can’t Miss this Movember – Awesome Men

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